Account Set up Guide

To login to your merchant dashbaord
go to
(Login is your email and generic password is Dealio123)
Activate Your Account

The first thing you will need to do to activate your Dealio

merchant account is to select your plan.

Get started for free or upgrade for unlimited posts. 

To select a plan click on the menu icons in the top right 

of your browser as shown in the picture below, then click on profile.

Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 12.31.12

At the bottom of your profile settings you will see an option to upgrade your account. Click on that, then on the next page you can choose the best plan for you.

We highly recommend our Real Dealio plan

**(Best Value)**

The Real Dealio

- $10/month Unlimited posts

- Promote special events

- 2 free push notifications

- 1 free featured listing

**(Free for a limited time)**

Dealio Starter Plan

- 5 posts to cover Mon-Thur & Weekend specials

Review pricing plans page

Create Your Store Profile

When you login to you dashboard you will see

a snapshot of your account on the Home Screen.

You can quickly view stats on your stores, offers and messages. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-31 at 12.27.08

To Create your stores profile, click on the top LEFT menu icons, and you will see a list of options, choose manage stores, then click on add new. 


When creating your store use an image that is in landscape mode(short & wide screen), you can always edit this. 

In your stores description.

Make sure to include include the following:

-Share a little about your restaurant and food

-Restaurants hours

-Use Key words that people can use to search for your restaurant ie: location, if you are waterfront, type of cuisine, the vibe, and anything unique to your establishment like a fireplace/fire pits or games. 

-Your restaurant description is not for your specials. 

Utilize the store gallery section to

show users what it’s like at your

restaurant and how great your food looks.

Include pictures that giver users an idea of the atmosphere of your venue. 

You can enable or disable live chats to your store.


When entering the location and address to

your store you may notice the map says

“This page can’t load google maps correctly”.

Click ok and ignore please, we are still working some small glitches out.

Use the map to manually drag and drop the pin at your exact address and then enter your address below(ignore the latitude and longitude options)

Maker sure to hit Create and your done.

Great Job your store is now created!


Next Step - Create your first Dealio listing. 


If you have questions or need help email us at

Create Your first Dealio

Creating a new Dealio listing for your restaurant is very quick and simple and can be done in minutes. 


Deal posts are reffered to as “Offers” in your dashboard. Dealio listings are for daily deals, happy hour specials and for Real Dealio plans, any other special events you want to promote. 


To create a Dealio listing, tap on the menu icon in the top left corner. Tap on offers, then add new. 

Each offer is designed to promote your deals for one day/weekend.

With our recommended Real Dealio plan you get unlimited posts. Extra Deals can also be used to promote a special event, live music, flash sale, unique daily special, contest and more. 

With unlimited posts you can also create individual listings for a specific deals to help boost your reach when users search by keywords, like tacos, pizza, sushi, happy hour etc. 

Once a special is posted it will always be active and searchable by key words in the Dealio app

as long as your account is active.

More Dealios = More views = More Customers


Be sure to include in your post:

-Restaurant name and day available IN THE TITLE

-Specific details, days, time, price etc

-If your deal is dine in only or available to-go

-Clear high quality pictures of the specials,

you can add up to 6 pictures.

(use landscape formatted pics)

-Be descriptive and creative with your titles. Include store name and day the deal is available.

-We recommend including

pricing or the % off in title if possible


-Dealio allows users to search deals by keywords like a day of the week or type of food. So mix a lot of keywords in your descriptions for your Deals, ie: wings, tacos, Tuesday, half off, bogo etc.(use plurals of words such as wings, instead of wing. It will help you in the search results)


-Use all days by name, applicable to the deal, if it’s everyday, add each day of the week at the very bottom of the post.

“Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday”


**Offers are not allowed to promote normal menu items or pricing. Each listing can only promote one day/weeknd of deals, multiple days cannot be combined in one post. Deals that happen more than once per week, like a daily happy hour should have its own post. Posts not following guidelines may be subject to removal**


If your special is a -% Off listing choose percent and then list the percentage off below. When entering the percentage, only type the number don’t include anything else. “ 50 “ for -50% off 

Same for entering price, just enter the numerical value. 

The "make as a deal" option and order options are currently under construction, don't choose these options currently. 

Hit Create and your first Dealio is now live!

Congrats your first Deal is now listed. 

Check in the Dealio app to make sure everything is listed properly, and that pictures are formated correctly 

If you have any questions contact us at