Dealios' Mission

Dealio was founded in Virginia Beach, VA, in the winter of 2021 and inspired by two things. Make a better way to find daily specials and help restaurants bounce back from these crazy times.
Covid has affected everyone around the country, some more than others. Restaurants being hit the hardest, we wanted to design an app that would not only give users a great value and experience, but to also create a product that is effective and most of all, affordable to business owners. We understand you can't offer a discount and pay out 20-50% commission on top of that. Thats why Dealio starts at only $10 per month.
Join by January 1st, and only pay a one time sign on fee, no monthly fees! 

Our fundamental goal when creating Dealio was to provide people with an app that will show
every daily deal and happy hour special,
at every restaurant, every day.

Take advantage of our grand opening launch/Covid-19 special and join the growing community of Dealio merchants today for just a one time fee. 

Dealio Founders

Bret Noel
Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 8.08.29 PM.png
Alec Kantor